March 10, 2020

New GRID TAT Report Coming Soon

The ACR® General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID) helps facilities establish benchmarks for quality improvement by collecting data for measures across a broad range of topics in a radiology practice and comparing them to similar facilities. Several GRID measures focus on comparing report turnaround time (TAT) in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

In early spring, a new GRID feedback report will be available that allows registry participants to stratify their TAT performance in two new ways: 

  • By point of service (e.g., ER, ambulatory, inpatient)
  • By single or multiple readers (e.g., a trainee and attending)

The online, interactive version of the new TAT report will also allow participants to analyze these two new TAT measure stratifications based on modality.

For more information about the new GRID TAT report, please contact