June 10, 2021

Coming Soon: ACR MR Medium Phantom

The ACR MR medium phantom was developed specifically for use in modern, phased-array head coils, which typically have smaller open volumes than quadrature head coils. In the new accreditation database, the ACR medium phantom option enables sites to acquire phantom images for MRI accreditation and for quality control (QC) with the same coil that is used to acquire most clinical brain images. This also eliminates the extra handling of MR coils in order to conduct required technologist QC.

With the approval of the medium phantom, sites must submit phantom images acquired using a head coil that is routinely used for clinical brain imaging on the scanner, and they must use the largest phantom that fits inside that head coil. Facilities with scanners that do not have a head coil and do not perform brain imaging should contact the ACR for guidance regarding which coil and phantom to use.

Watch for more information about using ACR phantoms, including the new ACR MR medium phantom, coming soon to the ACR MRI Accreditation page.