June 10, 2020

New LCSR Interactive Reports — and Recent Enhancements

The ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) is approved by CMS to enable providers to meet quality reporting requirements for receiving Medicare low dose CT lung cancer screening reimbursement. Participants receive quarterly reports for their facilities, with peer comparisons, as well as data for individual physicians to help refine and improve lung cancer screening programs and, ultimately, patient care.

New LCSR Report With Weekly Updates

Introduced in February 2020, the LCSR interactive report, LCSR Measures – Aggregate Report, delivers comparison data refreshed on a weekly (rather than quarterly) basis. The new report allows participants to:

  • View color-coded rankings that provide feedback about how well a site’s performance compares to peer group quartiles — for example, in the top 25% or bottom 25% of all sites in a cohort based on facility characteristics.
  • Compare site rankings to the entire LCSR across years to identify measures that have improved or declined over time.
  • Use interactive functions, such as clicking on a table or hovering over a number or graphic, to find useful information, such as detailed trends and statistics.

Learn more about the new interactive report features and view video explainers.

User Feedback Prompts Enhanced LCSR Interactive Reports

The LCSR interactive reports offer users a feedback opportunity to make suggestions about reporting views and recommendations about additional measures that could help advance their programs and the care of patients they serve.

The ACR Registry team already has received helpful input from LCSR report users and, based on their recommendations, introduced enhanced reporting features and a new report. 

  • A new feature of the LCSR Measures – Aggregate Report, the Facility Comparison report tab, now enables users to review the rankings of multiple facilities within an LCSR corporate account to compare performance across facilities and with the LCSR as a whole. For example, now users can monitor measures such as “Radiation Exposure” across all facilities in their corporate account in a single view to identify potential scanner problems quickly and efficiently for further investigation.
  • A new LCSR Measures – Exam Level Report allows users to drill down and see all of the exams that make up each report measure. For example, if a report user identifies a drop in the measure “Smoking Cessation Counseling Offered” for a facility, the exam level data can help pinpoint which referring practice or provider might need education on this requirement.

    For users who want to analyze the exam-level data for a specific measure in more detail, the report dashboard provides instructions on how to download the exam-level report data.

Your Feedback Matters!

Thank you to LCSR report users who have already taken time to review the new reports and provide feedback.

User feedback is critical to help the LCSR Committee and ACR Registry team prioritize report enhancements to maximize patient care. Access the feedback form or look for it on your LCSR report dashboard.

Let us hear from you!