June 13, 2019

TRIAD Eases Electronic Submission of Images for Accreditation

Beginning in June 2019, practices applying for stereotactic breast biopsy and breast ultrasound accreditation can submit their images electronically via TRIAD. TRIAD overcomes the challenges of manual image submission with easy-to-use tools that reduce costs and streamline the processes.

Benefits of using TRIAD for electronic upload include:

  • Speeds turnaround time from image submission to final results
  • Cuts costs associated with shipping images
  • Reduces delays in shipping images
  • Mitigates the risk of losing images
  • Ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations throughout the process

Two Ways to Submit Images Electronically

Facilities can choose from two options to upload images electronically:
  1. The new and improved TRIAD web-based image submission:
  • Offers user-friendly functionality
  • Provides for full-size image display with a fully functional DICOM viewer, allowing you to view images before submission
  • Provides the ability to upload individual files or entire folders
  • Does not require any software to be installed on your computers
  • Is compatible with Windows PC or Mac
  1. The TRIAD Windows PC client image submission:      
  • Requires software installation on your Windows PC
  • Allows direct connection between TRIAD and PACS systems for image retrieval
  • Provides the ability to upload individual files or entire folders
  • Enables connection with Clear Canvas Workstation for viewing full images before submission
  • Requires user to have administrative privileges on local computer   

Help With Electronic Submission

Facilities that need additional help submitting their images electronically can contact the ACR Accreditation team for guidance. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with submission questions and concerns.

For more information, visit the ACR Accreditation website and review Instructions for Electronic Submissions