June 13, 2019

Meet the New Amis Fellows for Quality and Safety

Each year, the E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety provides an opportunity for two radiology or radiation oncology residents to discover insights and gain experience with the ACR Department of Quality and Safety.

The 2019 Fellowship in Quality and Safety recipients are:

Alexei Kudla, MD

Alexei Kudla, MD, Chief Resident, BIDMC Radiology Clinical Fellow, Harvard Medical School

“I believe we are in an exciting time of transition in medicine and radiology. As reform changes health care from a fee-for-service to a value-based model, the role of imaging shifts dramatically from a revenue generator to a cost center. The evolving payment model motivates change and highlights opportunities for radiologists to lead the way. In my opinion, radiology is central to medical decision making and immersed in the technology that is critical for system integration across the medical enterprise. Therefore, understanding how to design and implement successful improvement projects and policies in radiology holds exciting potential for helping providers and patients across the board.”

Kevin Yuqi Wang, MD

Kevin Yuqi Wang, MD, Diagnostic Radiology Resident, Department of Radiology, Baylor College of Medicine

"The future of our profession and what the contemporary radiology practice will look like in the rapidly changing landscape of health care have always been concerns of mine, and I am personally interested in how we as a profession are developing strategies to not only survive but also thrive in that uncertain future environment. The opportunity to explore the functions of the department would be an invaluable and edifying experience to understand the organization’s role and philosophy as they relate to my personal interests, to connect with like-minded peers and to gain new perspectives on how the radiology profession may succeed as an essential link in the clinical value chain."