June 12, 2018

Three Ways to Generate R-SCAN Appropriateness Reports

Reporting on the appropriateness of selected imaging cases is a critical component of using R-SCAN to improve ordering practices based on Choosing Wisely® guidelines. A new update to R-SCAN makes case rating and reporting even easier.

Now participants have three ways to enter case data into R-SCAN for review, rating and reporting:

  • Using the CareSelect Imaging web portal
    Participants manually enter cases into the clinical decision support (CDS) tool to generate case review reports.
  • NEW! Using spreadsheet templates
    Participants can bulk-upload case data to the R-SCAN database via Excel spreadsheets to generate case review reports. For participants entering 50 or more cases, the spreadsheet alternative can expedite completing the case review.
  • NEW! Automated R-SCAN CDS data review tool
    Participants at facilities with CDS integrated into the order entry system can review R-SCAN case data sent by CareSelect Imaging via web interface.

    Two years in the making, this new automated reporting tool was developed in collaboration with the National Decision Support Company (NDSC), the exclusive licensing and distribution agent for ACR digital AC content, for use by R-SCAN participants.
The recently introduced reporting tool allows users to filter and view CDS cases ordered for one (or more) R-SCAN topic by each topic’s associated clinical indications and the specific ordering groups for a selected time period. The appropriateness rating distribution reflects the filters selected. Click to view larger image.

CDS Integration

Facilities that have order entry systems with CDS integration (such as CareSelect Imaging) can now create R-SCAN reports using their CDS data. In this scenario, case review is automated by filtering the data clinicians enter when ordering an exam.

The automated reports allow more time to focus on the educational component of an R-SCAN project.

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