June 12, 2018

Clinical Decision Support Tool Includes ACR Select

ACR Select® is the digital representation of ACR appropriate use criteria (AUC) for diagnostic imaging and is based on ACR Appropriateness Criteria®(AC).

The ACR Select module is now contained within CareSelect™ Imaging, a comprehensive clinical decision support (CDS) solution for advanced imaging. It delivers evidence-based AUC from qualified provider-led entities (qPLEs) and other imaging guidelines.

CareSelect Imaging is available from the National Decision Support Company (NDSC), the exclusive licensing and distribution agent for ACR digital AC content.

Paving the Way for PAMA

Starting January 1, 2020, the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) will require referring providers to consult AUC prior to ordering advanced diagnostic imaging services (CT, MR, nuclear medicine exams and PET) for Medicare patients.

A key advantage for deploying CDS ahead of the PAMA deadline is that potential bonus points can be earned under the Improvement Activities category of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) by reporting meaningful use of CDS.

ACR Select is ready to be incorporated into computerized ordering and EHR systems to guide providers when ordering medical imaging scans. With over 3,000 clinical scenarios and 15,000 criteria, the platform provides evidence-based decision support for the appropriate utilization of all medical imaging procedures.

More than 300 volunteer physicians, representing over 20 radiology and non-radiology specialty organizations, participate on the ACR AC expert panels to continuously update guidelines and provide real-time access to the latest medical imaging decision support.

Free ACR Select Portal

To enable widespread access to the tools needed for compliance with PAMA, NDSC offers a complimentary, no-fee web application of its qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism in collaboration with its qPLE partners, including the ACR.

Facilities using the web-based portal application for PAMA compliance should note that it may not be current with the latest version of the ACR AC, and it is not integrated with the EMR. For EMR integration, facilities can subscribe to the CareSelect Imaging CDS solution.

R-SCAN: The Easy Way to Try CDS

The Radiology Support, Communication and Alignment Network (R-SCAN™) provides participants with free access to a customized version of the ACR Select CDS tool.

R-SCAN is a collaborative action plan that brings radiologists and referring clinicians together to improve imaging appropriateness based upon a growing list of imaging Choosing Wisely® topics. R-SCAN delivers immediate access to web-based tools and CDS technology that help you optimize imaging care, reduce unnecessary imaging exams and lower the cost of care. There is no cost to participate.

For practices that already have CDS installed, R-SCAN can serve as an important first step for tracking and improving adherence with appropriate use.