December 10, 2019

Coming Soon: New Manual on MR Safe Practices

In the coming months, the ACR will publish a new ACR Manual on MR Safe Practices, with critical updates to existing MR safety guidance, important information to address new MR safety concerns and current facility management recommendations.

The new ACR Manual on MR Safe Practices will include:

  • Updated MR personnel guidance, including:
    • MR staffing
    • MRI safety training levels
    • Formal MR safety roles
  • Updated patient and non-MR personnel screening
  • Gowning and full-stop/final check guidance
  • Updates to special patient population considerations, including:
    • Pregnancy
    • Pediatric MR safety concerns
    • Prisoner/detainees and parolees
  • New MR environment considerations to include:
    • Atypical MR environments such as complex MR settings and 7 Tesla MR environments
  • Expanded time-varying, radiofrequency magnetic field-related issues, including:
    • Diffuse heading/specific absorption rate/specific energy dose

Watch this newsletter and the ACR MR Safety webpage to access and use the new manual to help your practice address the latest MR safety concerns and ensure a safer MR environment for your patients.