December 10, 2019

ACR Launches Lung Cancer Screening Campaign With New Resources

To increase awareness of lung cancer screening (LCS) among referring providers, current and former smokers and their caregivers, the ACR recently partnered with the National Lung Cancer Roundtable (NLCRT) to launch an outreach campaign in the 10 states with the highest incidences of lung cancer.

This effort — launched during National Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November — enables the ACR to promote this life-saving LCS screening and lung cancer care on a wider scale.

The ACR took a leadership role in identifying resources about LCS, smoking cessation and non-smoking lung cancer care for the NLCRT Resource Center, which provides valuable information to interested parties.

New ACR LCS Resources

The ACR also continues to develop and post additional LCS resources for radiologists, referring physicians and patients on the ACR Lung Cancer Screening Resources page, including:

The ACR helps radiology practices ensure safe, effective LCS for patients and provides you with access to the latest research, toolkits and key patient information.

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