December 12, 2018

Joint Commission Updates on Fluoroscopy

Despite ACR patient safety concerns and warnings against unnecessary waste of health care resources, new accreditation standards from The Joint Commission (TJC) will require all individuals “who use fluoroscopic equipment” and “who perform diagnostic [CT] examinations” to “participate in ongoing education that includes annual training.” Read the updates to TJC accreditation standards.

While the ACR is not actively developing new resources specifically to help members meet these requirements, here are some ways to access training resources:

  • Turn to your medical physicists for guidance and training. To optimize quality and safety, engage your medical physicist to gain understanding, learn about safe practices and build strong relationships.
  • Access available educational resources from Image Wisely® and Image Gently®, including Radiation Safety Cases and Pause and Pulse.
  • Evaluate commercial providers of radiation safety training.

To learn more about radiation safety, you can also access the ACR–AAPM Technical Standard for Management of the Use of Radiation in Fluoroscopic Procedures, specifically the section title Qualifications and Responsibilities of Personnel.

As always, ACR will continue to advocate for the specialty and make recommendations for best practices to The Joint Commission.