December 12, 2018

Volunteers Needed: Help Us Test New Quality Measures

The ACR is working continuously to ensure that the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) provides radiologists with meaningful and achievable measures for ongoing quality improvement. Last year, a multidisciplinary ACR Quality Metrics Technical Expert Panel (TEP) developed the Diagnostic Imaging 2017 Quality Measures for potential use in the QPP.

These new quality measures will give radiologists the best opportunity to maximize their impact on patient care and to avoid penalties and maximize reimbursement under the QPP. In addition, having a large catalog of radiology-centric measures will allow a wider range of radiologists to participate in quality reporting.

Before the proposed quality measures are submitted to CMS for endorsement under the QPP, they must undergo rigorous testing in a variety of real-world practice settings. Toward that end, the TEP is looking for volunteers to help evaluate the proposed 2017 quality measures.

Three Stages of Testing

The goal of the testing process is to ensure that measures are appropriate to gauge quality improvement, can be collected consistently across radiology sites, and are not burdensome for practices to measure and report.

Each stage of testing will require one to two hours of time from volunteer sites. Testing will occur in three stages across an approximately eight-month timespan:

  • Feasibility testing reviews the extent to which the specifications, including measure logic, require data that are readily available or could be captured without undue burden and can be implemented for performance measurement.

  • Reliability testing determines the extent to which the measure would produce the same results a high proportion of the time when assessed in the same population in the same time period and/or that the measure score is precise.

  • Validity testing measures how accurately the measure represents the concept being evaluated and achieves the purpose for which it is intended (to measure quality).

If you are interested in volunteering to help us test the proposed measures in your practice setting, please contact Karen Orozco at Please note that testing sites must have a minimum of 30 providers with 10 patients each.