December 11, 2018

ACR Debuts New CDS Registry

In late 2015, the ACR launched the Radiology Support, Communication and Alignment Network (R-SCAN™) to bring radiologists and referring clinicians together to improve imaging appropriateness. To date, hundreds of radiology practices have completed appropriate imaging projects based on relevant Choosing Wisely® topics.

By providing immediate access to clinical decision support (CDS) technology and other tools to improve appropriate imaging, R-SCAN has been proven to enhance patient care, reduce unnecessary imaging exams and lower the cost of care. (See R-SCAN Imaging 3.0 case study results.)

CDS R-SCAN Registry Expands R-SCAN Participation Options

R-SCAN can serve as an important first step for tracking and improving adherence with the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) mandate for consulting appropriate use criteria (AUC). Starting January 1, 2020, PAMA requires referring providers to consult AUC prior to ordering advanced imaging services for Medicare patients.

New for facilities with the CareSelect™ Imaging CDS platform is the opportunity to participate in the CDS R-SCAN Registry pilot, which is part of the ACR National Radiology Data Registry. With the registry, radiologists can engage referring physicians in a targeted quality improvement initiative using CDS data reports.

Initially available for facilities with the CareSelect Imaging CDS platform, the CDS R-SCAN Registry collects data that corresponds to Choosing Wisely topics in the R-SCAN program. By reviewing CDS R-SCAN Registry reports, R-SCAN participants can more easily identify areas where R-SCAN educational materials can be used to improve imaging exam ordering. R-SCAN’s quantitative results showing improvement can also be shared with quality committees, hospital administrators and payers to demonstrate value-based care.

How to Get Started

Contact to request the participation agreements and arrange a webinar demonstration. Access the CDS R-SCAN Registry Guide for tips on how to get started.