September 27, 2017

New and Improved Version of TRIAD Streamlines Web-Based Image Submission

TRIAD is an easy-to-use application that allows you to submit your images electronically for ACR Accreditation. For facilities applying for accreditation, TRIAD overcomes the challenges of image submission with secure, easy-to-use transmission tools that reduce costs and streamline the processes.

Benefits of using TRIAD for electronic upload include:

  • Speeds turnaround time from image submission to final results
  • Cuts costs associated with burning and shipping CDs
  • Reduces delays in shipping images
  • Mitigates the risk of losing images
  • Ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations throughout the process 

Today, more than half of all facilities applying for accreditation use TRIAD to submit images.

Enhanced Web Client
In late 2017, the ACR will unveil an enhanced version of TRIAD for web-based submission of images, including:

  • User-friendly functionality
  • Full-size image display with a fully functional DICOM viewer, allowing you to view images before submission
  • Capability to upload files or entire folders
  • No software installation required  

The TRIAD Windows client, which requires software installation on your PC, will remain the same.

For More Information
Learn more about TRIAD for accreditation. And watch the ACR Accreditation website for the latest announcements about availability of the new version of TRIAD.