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Patient & Family-Centered Care Toolkit

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PFCC Toolkit FAQ

What constitutes a tool or resource?

A tool or resource can be a website, article, checklist, video or any other format that will supply information to help a radiology practice become proficient in patient care.

Who can submit tools?

We accept submissions from all types of health care professionals and patients. Submit a tool using our online form.

Who reviews the tools?

A panel of volunteer radiologists, patient advocates, and other health care professionals reviews our tools. Once reviewed and approved, new tools will be posted to the toolkit under the appropriate section(s) for general public use.

PFCC Toolkit committee members

Ian Weissman, DO, Chair, PFCC Toolkit Committee, Milwaukee Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Matthew Cham, MD, Associate Professor of Radiology and Medicine/Cardiology, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Sue Collier, MSN, RN, FABC, Interim Vice President, Clinical Quality, HRET and AHA

Paula Gonyea, Director of Radiology, University of Vermont Medical Center

Julie Gubernick, MD, Chief, Department of Radiology, Einstein Medical Center Montgomery

Sally Herschorn, MD, Vice Chair for the Patient and Provider Experience, Radiology, University of Vermont Medical Center

Kathy Lease, EdD, Patient-and Family-Centered Care Advisor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Julie Moretz, Chief Experience Officer, AVP, Patient- and Family Centered Care, Augusta University Medical Center

How do I start a new PFCC project?

Getting started on a new project can be the most daunting aspect. To find tools and resources to help you initiate a PFCC program for your practice, go to the toolkit page and choose Initial Assessment as the Topic. There will you find checklists and other materials you can use to get started.

How do I get patients engaged?

Patient engagement is essential for a PFCC program. On the toolkit page, filter by the Engage Leadership and Patients topic. There you will find resources such as case studies and brochures to encourage patient involvement.

How do I get my practice partners involved?

A PFCC program requires all partners in the practice to be on board. Find resources such as roadmaps and process models to bring to the practice strategy meeting. Go to the toolkit page and filter by the topic of Strategic Planning.

What information can I present to patients and partners?

Providing information keeps the PFCC program running. On the toolkit page, filter on the Education Tools topic to find videos, activities and case studies to keep your patients and partners informed.

How do I know if it is working?

Determine if your PFCC program is working. Use the resources and tools on the toolkit page to get information on what data to collect and how to collect it. Choose the Evaluation topic filter.