JACR Call for Papers: Health Equity

Exploring the intersection of social justice and health equity in radiology

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Equity and social justice within healthcare is a multifaceted issue that affects patients, providers, and systems of high-quality care delivery. As physicians push to create a just health system for their patients, an upcoming special issue of the JACR explores Health Equity and Social Justice to – and we want your submissions.

Articles that focus on social and structural inequities in healthcare – including research frameworks, physician education, pipeline recruitment, organizational structure, radiology operations, “techquity” and patient care – will be considered.

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Submissions could address a wide variety of topics ranging from:

  • Organizational efforts (and results) in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work
  • Leadership development and educational efforts to enhance diversity efforts in pipeline, recruitment, and retention efforts
  • Culture change efforts to make healthcare and research more diverse and inclusive
  • Steps for avoiding and un-learning bias in data science and clinical care
  • Compelling business cases for health equity and community outreach
  • Connections between “techquity” and healthcare access
  • Structural socioeconomic and racial barriers to care and health disparities that may have been exacerbated by the pandemic

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Submission should align with one of the pillars of the journal’s scope: health services research & policy, leadership, training & education, clinical practice management, and data science.

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Important Dates

Concept proposal deadline: Oct. 30, 2020

More information on article types, word count, etc. can be found here.