Champions of Imaging 3.0 Contest – Additional information


Practices can select to emulate one of the following case studies:

  1. Ahead of the Curve
    • Early adopters of CDS deliver more appropriate imaging and help ordering physicians prepare for PAMA’s impact on reimbursement.
  2. Partners in Quality
    • With R-SCAN, radiologists and ED physicians achieve a 45 percent improvement in appropriate CT ordering for PE.
  3. Championing CDS
    • Using ACR’s new CDS R-SCAN Registry interactive report, New York City’s Jamaica Hospital significantly improves high-value CT imaging in the ED.
  4. Shaping Change from Within
    • Using R-SCAN as a transformation tool, a radiology group reduced inappropriate follow-up imaging by nearly 55 percent for patients with ovarian masses.
  5. Engaging the Physician
    • Using R-SCAN, radiologists collaborate with family medicine clinics to enhance imaging appropriateness of lumbar spine orders.
  6. Teaching Imaging Appropriateness
    • A simulation-based educational program increases medical students’ abilities to identify appropriate imaging.
  7. Order and Unity
    • Two Texas radiologists create a radiology utilization conference to educate non-radiology clinical staff on appropriate image ordering procedures.

Nominations should be submitted using the linked form and describe their emulation, and additional relevant information including how they varied from the original case study, what was improved upon, what challenges were avoided by following the case study, and any advice to future emulators that could be given.

Once the nomination period has ended, submissions will be reviewed by the selection committee to identify the top finalists. The finalists will be posted on the ACR website for review and voting during the time period noted below. Promotion of voting will occur through social media. This process will provide a winner determined through a combination of popular vote and expert choice.

Additional details on the judging criteria will be posted on the website in the upcoming weeks.


  • Nominations are open now and will remain open through March 31, 2020.
  • Popular voting will commence May 1–29, 2020.
  • Winners will be announced at the October 2020 ACR Quality and Safety Conference.


Applicants can be practices, departments, or individuals. If a group is submitting, a lead contact should be indicated on the form, and the emulation should only be submitted once. Practices may nominate themselves or others who have emulated a case study. Authors of current case studies are encouraged to nominate those who have “transplanted” their case studies.

Imaging 3.0

Imaging 3.0 is a change process led by the ACR to ensure radiologists' key role in evolving health care delivery and payment models—and quality patient care.

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