Lessons in Value

The Lessons in Value special collection features a selection of case studies from the Imaging 3.0 library, along with discussion questions and other resources to help radiologists advance their value-based care efforts.

Imaging 3.0 Lessons in Value

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Six years ago, the ACR launched the Imaging 3.0 initiative to bring increased awareness to the value that radiologists bring to patient care — beyond imaging interpretation. Since then, the College has leveraged Imaging 3.0 to influence policy at the highest levels and position radiologists as stewards of appropriate imaging.

In the popular press as well as in research literature, we are telling a new story — one that defines radiologists as imaging consultants who share expertise with our colleagues and, increasingly, with our patients. Imaging 3.0 case studies are an important part of this narrative.

The seven case studies in this first issue of Imaging 3.0 in Practice represent a rich archive of more than 100 stories that we’ve collected over the years. We look forward to sharing more of these stories with you in future print issues and invite you to peruse the full Imaging 3.0 library at acr.org/Case-Studies.

These stories demonstrate how radiologists across the country, from small private practices to large health systems, are advancing quality patient care — and inspiring our community to adapt and innovate along the way. These stories constantly impress those of us who have the privilege of working on Imaging 3.0. I know they will move you, too.

I encourage you to spend time with the stories and related resources and educational questions in this and future issues. I’m confident that you’ll walk away thinking more deeply about the next steps you and your team can take to enhance patient care now, and for years to come.

Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACRGeraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR
Chair, ACR Board of Chancellors

Case Studies in this Issue