Lessons in Value

The Lessons in Value special collection features a selection of case studies from the Imaging 3.0 library, along with discussion questions and other resources to help radiologists advance their value-based care efforts.

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Case Studies

Ahead of the Curve

Early adopters of CDS deliver more appropriate imaging and help ordering physicians prepare for PAMA’s impact on reimbursement.
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Behind the Curtain

Ohio radiologists collaborate with a patient advocate to implement a direct results delivery program that decreases patient anxiety and gives radiology a face.
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Patient Forward

A multidisciplinary team invites patients and their families to a weekly thoracic oncology clinic at Elkhart General Hospital.
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Structured for Care

An academic tertiary care center implements structured reporting, achieving 94 percent compliance among radiologists.
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The Value of Hard Work

The radiologists at Radiology, Inc. in Mishawaka, Ind. have found a way to quantify non-billable value added actions, and hospital administrators are taking notice.
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When the Radiologist Becomes the Patient

One New York City radiologist establishes a rounding program to raise her department’s profile and help patients.
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Engaging the Physician

Using R-SCANTM, radiologists collaborate with family medicine clinics to enhance imaging appropriateness of lumbar spine orders.
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