ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology


In This Issue

  • Scope of Practice

    Patients are best served when services are delivered by those physicians and physician-led teams most qualified to deliver quality care and provide for patient safety.
  • Advocating for Appropriate Valuation

    The knowledge of how the RUC identifies potentially misvalued codes is important in understanding and anticipating which codes may be flagged for revaluation in the future.
  • Doing It All

    General and multispecialty radiologists need more training, not labels.
  • Registered Radiologist Assistant

    Radiologist Assistants are the non-physician providers you shouldn’t worry about.
  • Reaching Milestones

    The RLI is helping residents ace part of their ACGME-required core competencies with blended, interactive learning from the best in the field.
  • The Legal Landscape of Data Sharing and Protection

    Registry developers play a critical role in making sure data contributors view medical registries as trustworthy repositories — and can do so by proactively bolstering their compliance measures and their ability to protect registry data.
  • Using One Voice

    The Committee on Chapters provides an avenue for communication about state needs — amplifying the united power of ACR members to shape priorities of the Council and the ACR leadership.