ACR Bulletin

Covering topics relevant to the practice of radiology

September 2019

In This Issue

  • Appropriate Use Criteria: Claims and Billing Guidance Arrives

    CMS is committed to advancing AUC, motivating radiologists to implement the program.
  • Charting a Course

    Keeping up and moving forward in machine learning means having a roadmap for success.
  • Experiencing Artificial Intelligence

    Machine learning will result in even greater improvements in efficiency and accuracy, while at the same time reducing work fatigue.
  • No Patient Left Behind

    Radiation oncologists and radiologists are changing the face of lung cancer screening for veterans.
  • No Surprises

    The ACR is working with Congress to find a solution to the problem of surprise medical bills.
  • Taking Charge

    A new initiative out of SCARD and GE Healthcare involves radiology leaders helping their female peers rise in the ranks.
  • Tracking AI

    The College’s latest survey included a deep dive into members’ perceptions of machine learning — and how it will affect their practices.
  • The Right Tools

    Radiologists can improve the appropriateness of image ordering, transforming patient care and driving down costs.