ACR Bulletin

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November 2019

November 2019 Bulletin

In This Issue

  • Hive Mind

    Championing a team approach with frontline workers can define the patient experience.
  • Protecting Patients

    Surprise insurance gaps are causing patients to walk away with unexpectedly high medical bills. What causes this, and how can radiologists help?
  • The Time is Now

    Paid parental leave is an important mechanism for preventing burnout and addressing diversity in radiology.
  • A Culture Change

    Paid parental leave adds value for practice members — as radiologists and as parents.
  • A Collaborative Resource

    A roadmap on gadolinium identifies knowledge gaps about its retention.
  • Focusing on Metrics

    The ACR PFCC Economics Committee is emphasizing patient-reported outcomes data.
  • Information Overload

    The ability to instantly connect has benefits for radiologists — but also inevitable distractions.
  • Speaking Out

    The ACR 2019 Open Microphone session promoted robust discussion — with the larger radiology community sharing their feedback with one voice.
  • Membership is Everyone's Business

    The College welcomes feedback on its future direction and on the programs and services that it develops along the way.
  • The Economics of Social Need

    Policymakers and payors are recognizing the importance of social determinants of health.