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December 2019

December 2019 Bulletin Cover

In This Issue

  • Make No Mistake

    Less fear and more conversation could mean better medical error rates.
  • A Convergence

    FFS and value-driven care are continuing to evolve — creating challenges and opportunities for physicians and institutions.
  • A Vaccine for Burnout

    A pediatric radiologist shares how his work has kept him focused on his mission to help children — and helped him maintain his professional fulfillment.
  • In Equal Partnership

    The ACR Annual Conference on Quality and Safety showcased the expanding role of radiologists in advancing PFCC, enhancing outreach efforts, and promoting equitable care for their patients.
  • Leading Innovation Into Practice

    Now in its fifth decade, the Society of Computed Body Tomography & Magnetic Resonance preserves its relevance by becoming the Society for Advanced Body Imaging.
  • The Art of Never Giving Up

    A patient advocate recounts his journey undergoing testing and treatment for lung cancer — and how it changed his outlook on life.
  • To Err Is Human

    Just culture is the most important concept in healthcare safety.
  • Year in Review

    2019 ushered in new leadership for the scholarly publication — and poised it for success in the digital age.