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Radiologist Well-Being Special Section

Read personal stories of burnout and resilience in this special ACR Bulletin section devoted to radiologist well-being.
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May 01, 2019

Physician wellness is recognized as a critical component of enhancing the quality of healthcare. An epidemic of symptoms related to stress and burnout among medical professionals, including radiologists, is threatening not only healthcare providers at a personal level but also the entire healthcare system.

In this special issue of the Bulletin, you will hear personal stories of burnout and resilience. Lori Deitte, MD, FACR, and Lotte N. Dyrbye, MD, MHPE, will discuss strategies for addressing burnout at the individual, institutional, and national levels. Cheri L. Canon, MD, FACR, will share ideas for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace. Reed A. Omary, MD, will demonstrate how he incorporates exercise and nature into his daily work schedule.

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