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ACR 2019 Special Report

The Pursuit of Organizational Excellence
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August 07, 2019

“In my years on the BOC, I have been very impressed by the degree to which the college reflects on its myriad activities and attempts to refine and improve them for the benefit of its members,” said now past ACR President James A. Brink, MD, FACR, during his Presidential Address. Brink spoke about the College’s robust strategic planning process that enabled the organization to affirm its core values of leadership, integrity, quality, and innovation and articulate its core purpose — to serve patients and society by empowering members to advance the practice, science, and professions of radiological care.

According to Brink, the drivers of organizational excellence are key elements such as effective program assessment, leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, and high-functioning teams who focus on a just work culture. Brink also pointed to the need for leaders who manage effectively, both up and down. “Everyone’s voice and diverse perspective is important,” said Brink. “Treat others like one would like to be treated. That is one of the main ways we can continue to excel as an organization.”

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