RADS Steering Committee Leaders
Chair – Jeffrey C. Weinreb, MD, FACR
Executive Committee/ Quality & Safety – Jacqueline A. Bello, MD, FACR
RADS Consultant – Edward A. Sickles, MD, FACR
Informatics – Tarik Alkasab, MD
Economics – H. Benjamin Harvey, MD, JD
General, Small, Rural (GSR) – Robert S. Pyatt, MD, FACR
Member at large – Lincoln L. Berland, MD, FACR

RADS Steering Committee Members
BI-RADS – Edward A. Sickles, MD, FACR
C-RADS – Judy Yee, MD, FACR
LI-RADS – Claude Sirlin, MD
Lung-RADS – Ella A. Kazerooni, MD, FACR
NI-RADS – Ashley H. Aiken, MD
O-RADS – Rochelle F. Andreotti, MD, FACR
PI-RADS – Jeffrey C. Weinreb, MD, FACR
TBI-RADS – A. John Tsiouris, MD
TI-RADS – Franklin N. Tessler, MD
Education – Shawn D. Teague, MD, FACR
Patient and Family Centered Care – C. Matthew Hawkins, MD

RADS Staff
Quality & Safety – Mythreyi Chatfield, PhD, EVP
Quality & Safety – Lauren Hicks

Contact: RADS@acr.org
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