February 02, 2021

From the Desk of the Chair

Hello YPS Members,

Happy New Year! When I last wrote to you, we were in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did we know how the months ahead would be filled with so many challenges and such uncertainty. To all of you — I hope you are keeping safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones.

On a positive note, your YPS Executive Committee was unrelenting, given the circumstances thrown to us as a profession, to deliver on our promises to you and we continue to do so as we embark on 2021. We successfully launched the inaugural ACR YPS Webinar Series, comprised of timely topics affecting young radiologists in this country. So far, we have hosted the YPS-RFS-AAWR Webinar: Job Hunting During an Economic Crisis, the YPS-Radiology Leadership Institute® Webinar: Practice Leadership During COVID-19, and the YPS-JACR® Webinar: Pandemic Impact on Private Practice Recruitment: 2020 and Beyond. In case you missed these, you can watch the recordings here.

The YPS has also partnered with Cody R. Quirk, MD, and podcast (@HounsfieldPod) to feature bite-sized, meaningful, relevant, and honest discussions about topics affecting young radiologists in this country. So far, the collaboration has been very successful. Recent episodes include ABR, Core Exam, and MOC and Private Equity in Radiology. Don’t miss listening to these incredibly informative episodes, perfect for your commute to and from work, at bit.ly/HounsfieldUnit.

I want to give a well-deserved kudos to Ivan M. DeQuesada II, MD, for his incredible leadership as managing partner for Radiological Associates of North Texas, serving as medical director of Envision South Arlington, quality representative for Strategic Radiology, chair of the Recruitment Committee, and chair of the Teleradiology Division Taskforce. He is also an assistant professor of clinical sciences for TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine.

I also want to give kudos to Tatiana Kelil, MD, assistant professor of radiology and breast radiologist, for being awarded an ARRS scholarship to pursue her work on personalized breast cancer risk assessment using imaging biomarkers and machine learning. Young radiologists are doing incredible things in our field, and I am amazed by their work every day.

Finally, the YPS Executive Committee will be devising dedicated YPS virtual programming for the annual ACR Meeting this May. Please be on the lookout for registration information!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time so that we can ensure we are working on your behalf and advocating for your best interests.

Here’s to a much better and brighter 2021!

Amy K. Patel, MD
Chair, ACR YPS