April 13, 2020

YPS Caucus, Elections and an X-Ray of Hope

David Mihal, MD, is the ACR-YPS communications liaison.


The ACR annual meeting will now be virtual and has resulted in much of the typical content, including the YPS content sessions, being extracted in favor of conducting the core governance of the college. As YPS members hold several positions within the College, we encourage all members to register for and participate in the ACR virtual meeting. When the YPS Executive Committee learned of these changes, we immediately moved to ensure that your voices would still be heard, and further that the YPS-focused content could still be made available to you, our members.
To fulfill the first aim, we will hold a YPS caucus on Saturday, May 16 at 10:30AM EST, to make sure that any YPS member who registers for the free virtual meeting can provide input to the section in addition to their regular caucus meetings. Although there is no cost to register, to participate and vote in the elections on May 15, you must register before May 9. There has been a robust application for the 2020-2021 YPS Executive Committee and the applicant statements and recorded speeches will be available to registered members shortly. We encourage all YPS members to review this material and help elect your future leaders.

To fulfill the second aim, we will adapt the typical YPS sessions from the national meeting into multiple online YPS virtual meetings so that we can continue to provide content relevant to your career. These will be spaced out over time to reach the broadest possible audience of YPS members. The first session will address some of the widespread concerns regarding finances in these uncertain times. Each of the remaining sessions will also cover topics that will similarly better enable you to navigate the early years of your career. Potential topics include young leadership, being sued for malpractice, non-clinical career planning, future shocks to radiology, early career work/life balance, job hunting during an economic slowdown, early/mid-career advice re: getting an MBA, and what the ACR does and where we stand on the issues. The important dates to know for now are below.

ACR National Virtual Meeting May 16–19, 2020:

Register before May 8

Vote on May 15 (must be registered before the May 8 deadline)

YPS Caucus May 16 at 10:30AM EST

Register now. Stay involved. While it seems that COVID-19 has shut the world down, it has also unveiled new opportunities. We have become increasingly cognizant of activities and the nuances we previously took for granted. We are connecting with one another in new ways. We have witnessed renewed senses of generosity and innovation. Our curiosity and perseverance have allowed us to learn a great deal, but we know that new challenges will force us to grow even stronger tomorrow.

Some states are finally seeing evidence of stabilization of the curve of new cases. While it is easy to be skeptical, it is smarter to be hopeful and to remain strategic in our approach. With our eyes on the horizon and our minds focused on how we can do better today, we will continue the great strides we have made toward a more promising tomorrow and our lives will soon begin taking on some of the old responsibilities we once took for granted.