February 25, 2019

Letter From the Chair 2019

Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACR

Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACRGreetings from the SRS Steering Committee. We hope 2019 will be a great year for you.

We are still looking for volunteers to serve on the committee and take the SRS to the next level with formal officers and structure. We need a limited number of named officers who will develop a succession plan for the continuation of our SRS. If you would like to sign up, please email us at SRS@acr.org.

We would also like to know what you want from the SRS. Is the newsletter sufficient? Do you want to co-sponsor events at the ACR annual meeting (ACR 2019) similar to last year? We’d love to hear from you — please send your input via email to SRS@acr.org.

How active would you like to be in helping with ACR centennial events in 2023? Certainly many SRS members deserve recognition for their contributions to the ACR. What better way to exemplify their accolades than during centennial events? The Commission on Membership and Communications will be responsible for the event, and organizers would like our input.

Diane Dunne (ddunne@acr.org) is staffing this initiative, which is in the very early planning stages. Please share your thoughts with us by email at SRS@acr.org in the coming months. One of the first tasks will be to capture on video the memories of SRS members attending ACR 2019.

For the next newsletter, we ask that you to write a brief biography of an “unsung super radiologist.” The person can be a mentor, fellow practice member or someone you worked with in the ACR. Many outstanding radiologists with a wide variety of interests and skills are never spotlighted. This is your chance to let us meet some of them! Send your biography to SRS@acr.org by May 3.

I already have my first person … just an absolute superstar who was a resident with me. Read the next newsletter to learn about her and her unusual career.

Thank you for your support.

Catherine J. Everett, MD, MBA, FACR