April 29, 2020

A Small Vignette About Time

by Jonathan L. Stolz, MD, FACR

With time to spare while waiting for the coronavirus to pass, my wife and I were looking for neglected tasks around the house that required a “rainy day” to be tackled.

Well, that day arrived for a forgotten silver carriage clock from J. E. Caldwell of Philadelphia that I had inherited from my parents long ago. The once lovely clock had not seen the light of day or counted the hours for decades.

We found it buried deep in the back of a desk drawer that we decided to clean out. The old clock was in a sad state: completely tarnished, its once proud ticking heart mute and in dire need of CPR. It begged to be given another chance to be useful again!

I carefully polished it up and, with some luck, got it running. When my parents’ old clock gently chimed the hour for the first time after years of silence, it seemed to say, “I am alive once again to serve you.”

It felt good to revitalize a family heirloom despite the dire angst surrounding us.