E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety

The E. Stephen Amis, Jr., MD, Fellowship in Quality and Safety provides an opportunity for two residents in radiology or radiation oncology to discover insights and gain experience with the ACR Department of Quality and Safety.

The fellowship is split into two sessions. First, fellows will meet with ACR staff for one week in the fall while ACR practice parameters are drafted. They will return for 3-4 days in late spring to attend the annual meeting where the practice parameters are debated and approved.

Fellowship recipients are required to write a paper on a specific ACR activity which they focused on while in Reston for submission to an acceptable medical journal.

ACR reimburses travel and living expenses incurred during both periods of the fellowship and provides a $500 stipend. Half the stipend is paid with expenses for the first week and the remaining half upon publication of an article. International candidates (with the exception of Canadian members) are not eligible at this time.

Applications must be postmarked or submitted no later than May 31.

How to Apply

Submit the application form no later than May 31.

For questions about this fellowship, please contact:

Hector Mendoza
(800) 227-6440, ext.6849

Current Fellows

2021 – Ariadne K. DeSimone, M.D. and Marina Moskalenko, MD

Past Fellows

2020 – Akriti Khanna, M.D. and Scott J. Adams, MD

2019 – Kevin Yuqi Wang, MD and Alexei Kudla, MD

2018 – Omid Khalilzadeh, MD and Jasmine Locklin, MD

2017 – Dana Lin, MD and Matthew Spraker, MD

2016 – Aarti Luhar, MD and Kristina Demas Woodhouse, MD

2015 – Alexander Goehler, MD and Devaki Shilpa Surasi, MD

2014 – Nikhil Thaker, MD and Manisha Bahl, MD

2013 – Stuart Cohen, MD and H. Benjamin Harvey, MD, JD

2012 - Jonathan Flug, MD and Cindy Lee, MD

2011 - Tessa Cook, MD and Christoph Lee, MD

2010 - Michael Loftus, MD and Jason Itri, MD

2009 - Christopher Roth, MD

2008 - Garry Choy, MD