March 04, 2020

RO Corner: New ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology Webinar Series

By Anna M. Laucis, MD, MPhil, radiation oncology resident Physician at the University of Michigan and ACR RFS RO Representative.

I am excited to announce the launch of a new webinar series by the ACR, developed by the ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology. Our first webinar premiered on February 5th and featured a live interview-style panel Q&A discussion with four wonderful ROs as panelists. I served as the moderator and a co-host of the session. Hina Saeed, MD, a radiation oncologist based in Wisconsin, served as the other co-host and our ACR staffer who helped spearhead the whole initiative, Theresa Powell, helped immensely with the initiative.

So this month in lieu of a long blog post I thought I’d share with you the recorded session of the webinar, which is one hour long and is on the topic, “Leadership Perspectives.” Although the panelists are ROs, many of the topics discussed are applicable far beyond our field of radiation oncology. Themes of the discussion include how to develop leadership potential, how to get involved in organized medicine and the ACR, how to say “no” effectively, and how to build a career as a physician leader.

Our panelists included:
• Albert L. Blumberg, MD, FACR, ACR Gold Medalist and past ACR President
• Camille M. Williams, MD, ACR Commission for Women and Diversity Leader
• Daniel Chang, MD, Editor for the GI section of the ACR Journal Advisor
• Naomi R. Schechter, MD, Practice Parameter lead for the ACR RO Commission

I hope that you will take a few moments to view our 60-minute recorded ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology Webinar, which can be accessed here (scroll down to where you see the webinar):

Also, make sure to save the date for our next quarterly webinar on Wednesday, May 6th!! The timing and topic of this next webinar in the series are to be determined. We will be carefully considering feedback from the first webinar to continually improve the series. Thanks!