April 07, 2020

JACR Resident Highlights - April

In this article, Kooraki et al. describe precautions and safety measures for radiology department personnel to manage patients with known or suspected COVID-19. Such measures can help prevent further transmission of the virus to patients and department staff members. https://www.jacr.org/article/S1546-1440(20)30150-2/fulltext

Find out what is the current presence and duration of radiology rotation requirements in US and Canadian medical schools, and their relationship with the number of residency applications choosing radiology as a career. https://www.jacr.org/article/S1546-1440(19)31315-8/abstract

Burnout may affect our healthcare workforce even more in times of crisis. In this opinion piece, radiology leaders share their tips on how to build resilience, an important skill to trainees and educators. https://www.jacr.org/article/S1546-1440(19)30615-5/abstract