2018 ACR Fellows

ACR Fellowship is awarded to members of the College in good standing who have demonstrated service to ACR; evidenced significant accomplishments in scientific or clinical research in the field of radiology; made significant contributions to literature; and/or provided outstanding work as a teacher of radiology. Only 10 percent of College members have been awarded this honor.

Fellowship is awarded to diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, medical physicists, and nuclear medicine physicians at the Convocation held during the ACR annual meeting. Learn more about Fellowship process »

The degree of Fellow of the American College of Radiology has been conferred on the members listed below who have been approved and elected by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

2018 ACR Fellows

Joseph Matthew Accurso, MD
Roger Fabian Anderson JR, MD
Benjamin Anton Aronovitz, MD
Richard Joint Baker JR, MD
H Scott Beasley, MD
Alfred James Beyer III, MD
A G Bharatkumar, MD
Marc A Borge, MD
Bruce A Bornstein, MD
Ronald Joseph Boucher, MD
Cecelia Cody Brewington, MD
Steven Howard Brick, MD
Allan Leonard Brook, MD
Audrey Ann Caine, MD
David Donald Casalino, MD
Katherine Ann Choi-Chinn, MD
Clara J Chudow, MD
Craig Edwards Clark, MD
Louis S Constine, MD
W Shawn Conwell, MD
Kevin Michael Cregan, MD
Ricardo C Cury, MD
Neil Couchman Davey, MD, MB, CHB
Steven J DePrima, MD
Benoit Desjardins, MD, PhD
Sharon Cupps Dutton, MD
Cindy L Elmore, PhD
Robert E Epstein, MD
Kimberly Nicole Feigin, MD
Laura Zindell Fenton, MD
Brian S Fiedler, MD
Donald Joel Flemming, MD
Marie A Ganott, MD
Munir V Ghesani, MD
David S Gierada, MD
Michelle Segall Ginsberg, MD
Karyn Aalami Goodman, MD
Leonie L Gordon, MD
James Douglass Hanemann, MD
Scott B Harter, MD
David Alan Hays, MD
Cheryl Roxanna Herman, MD
Joseph Michael Herman, MD
Kathleen Marie Hintenlang, PhD
Mark David Hohenwalter, MD
Karen A Hunt, MD
J David Ingram, MD
Sanjeev Katyal, MD
Larry Llyn Kestin, MD

William D Keyes, MD
Arshad Ahmed Khan, MB, BS
Nadia Juliet Khati, MD
David Michael Kirshy, MD
Richard L La Fontaine, PhD
Michael J Lane, MD
Kennith Franklin Layton, MD
Margaret Hsin-Shung Lee, MD
Karen J Marcus, MD
Osama Mawlawi, PhD
Robert W Maxwell, MD
J Mark McKinney, MD
Cecilia Luz Mercado, MD
Robert J Min, MD
Robin J Mitnick, MD
Pardeep Kumar Mittal, MB, BS
Alexander Julian Nemeth, MD
Janet Ann Neutze, MD
M Elizabeth Oates, MD
Robert J Optican, MD
Niko Papanikolaou, PhD
Dinko Plenkovich, PhD
Traci Pritchard, MD
Francisco A Quiroz, MD
Dheeraj Kumar Rajan, MD
Fatejeet S Sandhu, MD
James Fredrick Schlund, MD
Jack D Schocker, MD
David Michael Schuster, MD
Anjum Shariff, MD
Sarah C Shaves, MD
Paul Michael Sherman, MD
Sanjay Kadandale Shetty, MD, MBA
Paul D Shreve, MD
John D Simmons, MD
Stephen F Simoneaux, MD
Justin P Smith, MD, MS
Adam Wayne Specht, MD
Robert M Spillane, MD
Bertram Jason Stemmler, MD
John H Suh, MD
Rajeev Suri, MD
Clare M Tempany, MD
Nina L J Terry, MD
Suresh Vedantham, MD
Samuel Chaoyuang Wang, MD
Laurence M Weiss, MD
Ian A Weissman, DO
Catheryn Montgomery Yashar, MD

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The degree of Fellow of the American College of Radiology has been conferred on these candidates by the ACR Board of Chancellors.

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