Commission on Pediatric Radiology

The Commission on Pediatric Radiology serves to improve the care of children through imaging and imaging-guided procedures, especially by enhanced communication between ACR and the pediatric radiology community.

The mission will be accomplished through specific standard ACR committee structure: Quality and Safety, Education (and communication), Human Resources, Economics, Research and Technology and Safety.

Commission Goals

  • Facilitate exchange of information between the ACR and pediatric radiology community
  • Increase ACR membership in the pediatric radiology community
  • Increase pediatric radiology involvement with all ACR commissions
  • Assume primary responsibility for coordination of review of pediatric guidelines with subject-area expertise within the Society for Pediatric Radiology
  • Advance pediatric safety and quality as a benchmark program within the College
  • Collaborate with the Society for Pediatric Radiology to actively address workforce challenges in pediatric radiology
  • Develop course content through existing ACR educational initiatives

Leadership & Staff

Richard A Barth, MD, FACR


Angela R Davis, MBA, CAE



Jonathan Russell Dillman, MD, MSc, FACR Steven Don, MD, FACR Shannon G Farmakis, MD
Richard B Gunderman, MD, PhD, FACR Richard Elliott Heller, MD Rajesh Krishnamurthy, MD
Terry Larice Levin, MD, FACR Sarah Sarvis Milla, MD Jennifer L Nicholas, MD
Benjamin H Taragin, MD, FACR

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