Cyber Awareness During COVID-19

While the Coronavirus pandemic is creating new challenges, there is one group using this time as an opportunity to further disrupt our personal and professional lives – cybercriminals.

Several major attacks and numerous cyber scams have been well documented – and we all need to be on high alert. One attack involved hackers mimicking the globally-recognized Johns Hopkins interactive COVID-19 map website to spread malware. Even the ACR and State Chapters have been used in a phishing scam soliciting the purchase of gift cards to help with the COVID-19 response.

We want to ensure you have the most recent guidance to help ensure we do not fall victim to these attacks.

Please be extra vigilant and incorporate these best practices into your daily routine:

  1. Practice good cyber hygiene including slowing down to help recognize red flags.
  2. Consider using a “zero trust” approach in your daily routine. Think twice before you click or respond to emails and verify that requests are legitimate, especially financial transactions.
  3. Only use trusted sources to locate current information about COVID-19.
  4. Report suspicious activity to the appropriate individuals.


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