2017 RLI Leadership Summit


Build Your Playbook for Peak Practice Performance

September 7 - 10, 2017 • Babson College, Wellesley, MA 
Earn up to 20.25 CME and RLI Credits

The 2017 RLI Leadership Summit has been rigorously designed to guide you in crafting your own playbook so you can implement strategies to take on your biggest challenges.

  • Do you have a plan for how to incorporate AI and computer-aided reporting into your practice?

  • How is physician burnout affecting your practice culture? And what can you do to address it?

  • With a diverse team of highly unique, talented, intelligent members, how do you manage your group for maximum productivity while ensuring everyone feels valued? 

  • Your competition is intensifying from non-traditional competitors like non-radiologists, for-profit firms, and even global billing. What can you do to get ahead of your competition? 

  • How can you implement lean operation methodologies in a radiology department or practice to realize new revenue streams and address waste and inefficiencies?  

Go beyond the normal meeting. At the RLI Summit, you will not only to learn WHAT to do but HOW to do it, and WHY, putting the power of execution in your hands.  


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Team Pricing

RLI is excited to offer a team-pricing program for the RLI Leadership Summit. When you register as a team, pay the full rate for the first person and get 50% off the second registration (the full-price registration will be the higher of the two fees). Both attendees must register at the same time. Registration must be made by contacting Meetings Registration at 1.800.373.2204.

“The format of the RLI Summit was really ideal. During the breakout sessions, we had the ability to network, which was terrific, but we also got to see how a lot of times your biases are anchored in a certain point of view and if you just listen and are open to some other ideas, the intelligence of the group turns out to be more than you would think of on your own.”

– Michael H. Lev, MD, FA

“Every session there was something significant to take away that I could apply in my practice.  A big part of the education that we get as radiologists that can be improved upon are the business and leadership skills to help us become better thought leaders in health care.  And the RLI Summit provided a great format, where we got to learn from business thought leaders and interact in a way that made the education more impactful.”

– Henry Chou, MD

“One of the great benefits of the RLI Summit is that you are able to how other groups of varying sizes in different locales have handled similar problems.  It’s been reassuring to me to discover that most of the other groups across the country are facing the same or similar challenges my group is currently facing.    It has been a powerful learning opportunity for me. “

– Kurt Mori, MD, FACR