2022 Virtual Advocacy Boot Camp

Learning How to Amplify Your Voice

March 10,  7:00 – 9:00pm ET

The New Year is off to a fast start from an advocacy and public policy standpoint. Congress is back in session and forty-six state legislatures will convene in 2022. There have been a wide range of bills introduced in state capitols that directly impact radiology. The need for physician-led advocacy is paramount and as as result, ACR is pleased to offer a Virtual Advocacy Boot Camp!

This two-hour-long virtual webinar is specifically tailored to physicians, and you will learn how to become an effective advocate for your profession. You will hear from ACR staff, your peers, and advocacy professionals on a variety of advocacy-related topics. 

Topics covered will include:

  • The basics on how to advocate for your profession and its patients
  • How to advocate for evidence-based health policies
  • Learn how to utilize your knowledge, as a specialty physician, to craft your advocacy message

Don't miss out on a chance to hone your advocacy message, interact with your colleagues, and earn 2 CME® credits.

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Questions? Contact Melody Ballesteros or Eugenia Brandt

Learning Objectives

  • Identify resources that provide insight into legislative and regulatory activity that influences health care practice and policy.
  • Describe how federal and state legislative and regulatory processes function and recognize how to effectively influence these processes.
  • Explain how to apply lessons learned in narratives/case studies to practical applications of advocacy at the state and federal level.

Webinar Agenda

1. An Overview of the Government Relations Group:

  1. Joshua Cooper
    1. Federal Congressional Affairs
    2. ACR's Top Legislative Priorities
  2. Mike Peters
    1. Federal Agency Policy and Engagment
  3. Ted Burnes
    1. RADPAC
  4. David Youmans, MD, FACR
    1. Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN)
    2. Grassroots
  5. Eugenia Brandt
    1. Defining a Legislative Strategy in Your State

2. Advocacy in Practice:

  1. Taj Kattpuram, MD
    1. CO Case Study:Physician Credentialing
  2. Kimble "Kim" Ross
    1. Politics and Rules of Engagement for Scope Conflict
  3. Shauneen McNally
    1. Effective Lobbying Strategies
3. Q & A