Session Descriptions


Key Descriptions

Recruitment and Retention Issues

With demand up and the total number of “ideal candidates” down, there are some proven business practices that will help all health care organizations better manage the impending workforce crisis. These practical and applied solutions involve both front-end business practices (recruitment/becoming an Employer of Choice) as well as back-end initiatives and leadership effectiveness (retention, loyalty and clinician engagement).

Trends and insights gained from the six HR Commission on Workforce surveys will be discussed. Included in the discussion will be the role of gender, age, retirement and part time work on the radiology workforce.

Forming Effective Teams

All leadership teams experience some level of dysfunction but not all are dysfunctional. This session will discuss the science and best practices behind the organization and functioning of successful teams. A practical guide featuring the “best practices elements” of effective teamwork will be included, as will an explanation of how leadership styles and hardwired behaviors can enhance or derail teams.

The second portion of the session will deal with how these concepts of team building and teamwork specifically apply to radiology practices. Barriers and issues will be covered, and a discussion of why team building is important for practices (and for the specialty itself) will be explored.

Practical Strategies for Demonstrating Radiology Value to Your Clients

Value is, and will continue to be, a critical ingredient for the future success of radiology and radiologists, across all types of employment models. Participants attending this session will learn about radiology value, including how to categorize and quantify non-interpretive radiology activities. Specific practical examples of performing and demonstrating value to clients will be provided.


This year's session will update participants on how the Quality Payment Program has evolved in its first year of operations. Changes and provisions that impact radiologists will be reviewed and participants will be guided to resources that can support them as they navigate the program requirements.

Resist the Heat and Avoid Burnout

This session will present follow-up data and potential strategies on addressing burnout at the individual and practice level. Survey data from an independent private practice, an academic center, as well as mixed data from a national survey of neuroradiologists will be presented. Recognizing that the burnout and the consequences can be polarizing within groups, we will review resources and ideas to tackle this issue in their own groups.

Managing Change to Create Lasting Value

This session will discuss key issues in how to manage change in radiology practices and departments. We will focus on examples of when change is necessary to create value, covering both best practices for change management as well as common mistakes that leaders make during change projects. Paradigms for both value creation and for change management projects will be presented.

Earn 12.75 CME, Category A and RBMA Credits