Ultrasound LI-RADS® v2017

In collaboration with the LI-RADS Steering Committee, the Ultrasound LI-RADS workgroup developed and refined a standardized system (ACR US LI-RADS® or US LI-RADS®) for technique, interpretation, reporting, and data collection for screening and surveillance ultrasound exams in patients at risk for developing HCC.


The Ultrasound or US LI-RADS Core document is a 24-page hyperlinked document that covers everything needed to apply US LI-RADS® Screening and Surveillance algorithm. It includes US LI-RADS Screening and Surveillance categories, a visualization scoring system, technical recommendations for performing a screening and surveillance ultrasound exam, key concepts of screening and surveillance versus diagnostic tests, and definition of the LI-RADS population.


US LI-RADS v2017 Working Group

Nirvikar Dahiya
 Souda Fazeli Dehkordy
 Terry Desser
 David Fetzer
 Alison Harris
 William Hong
 R. Brooke Jeffrey
Aya Kamaya 
 Yuko Kono
 Katherine Maturen
 Tara Morgan
 Mary O’Boyle
 Shuchi Rodgers
Claude Sirlin
Maryellen Sun
Ashish Wasnik