LI-RADS® Ultrasound

In collaboration with the LI-RADS® Steering Committee, the LI-RADS Ultrasound workgroup developed and refined a standardized system (ACR LI-RADS® US or LI-RADS® US) for technique, interpretation, reporting, and data collection for screening and surveillance ultrasound exams in patients at risk for developing HCC.

Current Releases

The Ultrasound or LI-RADS® US Core document is a 24-page hyperlinked document that covers everything needed to apply LI-RADS® US Screening and Surveillance algorithm. It includes LI-RADS® US Screening and Surveillance categories, a visualization scoring system, technical recommendations for performing a screening and surveillance ultrasound exam, key concepts of screening and surveillance versus diagnostic tests, and definition of the LI-RADS population.


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