Head Injury Imaging Reporting & Data System 

The Head Injury Imaging Reporting and Data System (HI-RADS) is being developed to standardize the reporting and data collection of imaging in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

HI-RADS will allow the radiology community to apply consistent terminology related to diagnosis of TBI, reduce imaging interpretation variability and errors, enhance communication with referring clinicians, facilitate quality assurance and research, and improve patient outcome.

For more information contact rads@acr.org.

TBI Imaging White Paper

The white paper will summarize existing evidence supporting the use of different types of imaging in TBI patients in addition to formulating suitable recommendations. The white paper will be helpful for physicians who are not necessarily TBI experts but who take care of TBI patients in their daily practice.

In developing the paper, HI-RADS will build on existing efforts by other groups in this area and will work with other societies in order to reach consensus. The white paper will include recommended, standardized imaging protocols.

Practical IT Tool for Applying the TBI NINDS Common Data Elements 

This project will build on the TBI Common Data Elements (CDE) developed by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. It will consist of an easy-to-use computer system that will allow a clinician to review a head CT or brain MRI and navigate the CDE fields to obtain a standardized report, similar to the concepts of BI-RADS for mammography and LI-RADS for the liver.
This tool will increase the quality of reports for imaging studies obtained in TBI patients on both the research and clinical sides and will be available for both CT and MRI.
The ACR formed the HII to use its unique skills to help advance the diagnosis, understanding and treatment of head injuries.

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