We continue to experience a remarkable and fast-paced information technology evolution in health care in general and in the imaging realm in particular. Radiologists are challenged to understand and successfully leverage the available collective technologies to provide high-quality, timely and efficient imaging services thus contributing measurable value to overall patient care.

The Informatics Commission in collaboration with the Quality and Safety Commission has created the ACR Reference Guide in Information Technology for the Practicing Radiologist to provide insights into key areas of health care and imaging information technology. This manual is intended as a useful resource in the quest to provide the most cutting-edge, efficient and high-quality imaging care.


 ACR Reference Guide in Information Technology
 Corresponding Authors
 Contributing Authors
 Imaging 3.0™
 Geraldine McGinty
 Bibb Allen Jr.
     Christoph Wald
 Meaningful Use
 Arun Krishnaraj
 Adeel Siddiqui
     Alberto Goldszal
 Mobile Devices
 David Hirschorn
 Asim Choudhri
     George Shih
     Woojin Kim
 Displays  David Hirschorn
 Michael Flynn
     Elizabeth Krupinski
 Image Sharing
 David Mendelson
 Bradley Erickson
     Eric Choy
 Kevin McEnery
 Standards  Kenneth Wang
 John Carrino
Reporting & Communication
 David Weiss & Woojin Kim
 Char Branstetter
     Luciano Prevedello
 Business Intelligence Analytics
 Tessa Cook
 Paul Nagy
 Education, Training & Qualifications
 Adam Flanders
 Christopher Meenan
     Matthew Morgan
     Nabile Safdar
     Paul Nagy
 Security & Privacy  Katherine Andriole