Brent Wagner, MD, MBA, American College of Radiology® member and Radiology Health Equity Coalition Mobilization Team Representative for the American Board of Radiology, where he serves as Executive Director, contributed this piece.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of disparities and healthcare inequities has taken sharp focus, demanding both attention and action. That’s why the Radiology Health Equity Coalition recently produced a five-part webinar series, providing practical, actionable tools that all in the house of radiology — ranging from individual professionals to imaging practices and healthcare institutions — can utilize to improve health equity.

The webinars are excellent avenues to increase our awareness across a broad range of issues. Each one provides actionable insights and tools to address imaging disparities in marginalized communities that may experience challenges accessing quality, patient-centered care.

The webinar series has concluded and is now available on demand, but our work has only just begun. As medical imaging impacts most patients at some point in their care journey, radiology professionals have the potential to be unifying change agents across an inequitable healthcare system.

The Coalition continues to encourage the profession to not only recognize the myriad of challenges but also to actively seek out the opportunities, big and small, that present themselves in our daily practice. I hope you’ll join me in a collaborative approach with other individuals, facilities and communities to break imaging barriers and advance health equity.

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