Sasha Staack, MD, Radiology Resident, PGY-4 at Mayo Clinic, AZ and Future Neuroradiology fellow at Barrow Neurological Institute, contributed this piece.

Following a whirlwind of lectures, exams, study hours and rounds upon rounds of applications and interviews, Match Week 2022 has finally arrived. I congratulate all who learned of their radiology match on Monday! Welcome to the best specialty.

Now, you know that you will soon become a radiology resident. Tomorrow, you discover where. The specifics of the city, hospital and community where you will train will come into clear focus. This is exciting and can be nerve-wracking. But know that you can and will succeed wherever you match. You have worked hard to make it to this day, do your best to enjoy the wild ride that the match can be. Have confidence in your ability to adapt to new situations and new locations. You have spent years preparing for this!

You may be wondering, what will your next steps look like? What are the next steps for a future radiology resident to take? Where can you find support as you continue your journey toward becoming a radiologist?

First you will complete intern year. Depending on what program you match into, this may or may not be at the same institution where you will complete your residency. Intern year is a big task. There is lots to learn, lots of hours and fresh independence. However, as you settle in and find your flow, you can gain exposure to radiology – even as an intern. You may have an elective you can spend on radiology, and if not, making your way down to the reading room can help you to correlate what you are seeing clinically with the radiologic findings, plus you can meet future radiology colleagues!

You are the future of medicine and, thankfully, the American College of Radiology® (ACR®) prioritizes medical student and resident education and outreach by offering countless radiology resources, networking opportunities, fellowships and more to help you engage with your peers and guide you through your career. Plus, ACR membership is free to medical students and residents. Once you find out where you will be heading, check out your local ACR chapter and join! It’s a great resource, as you can meet local radiologists and get involved early!

Congratulations and welcome, #Future RadRes!

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