Melissa Davis, MD, MBA, American College of Radiology® (ACR®) Young and Early Career Professional Section Executive Committee Communications Liaison, and Assistant Professor and Medical Director of Quality in Radiology at Emory, contributed this piece.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world around us has drastically adapted to an entirely new environment — and our processes and standards must adjust too. It’s time for recovery and innovation, especially in the field of radiology. We must rethink and update processes and develop standards to increase reliability and accountability within our practices. Not sure where to start? Join me for the 2021 ACR Quality and Safety Conference, taking place virtually Oct. 14 through 16.

My colleagues and I have prepared a robust and interactive program to help you, your peers and colleagues analyze current processes and identify ways to improve upon our new normal. We’ll help you:

  • Discover how communicating directly to patients will improve safety and optimize care.
  • Develop standards to increase reliability and accountability.
  • Value collaboration as a driver of evidence-based care.
  • Rethink and update processes to advance quality and safety in your practice.

When we think about how to create an environment for innovation, remember these things:

  • Innovation is another way to think about change management. We must remember these principles when creating an environment for innovation to thrive.
  • Innovation is not always a new technology, software or device. It can also be a new way of thinking or a change in our workflows.
  • When implementing a new innovation, we must understand the people involved, the processes we are working within and the impact of the technology. The people involved are always the most important aspect.
  • Start small, gain stakeholder support and build from there.

If you’re a resident, physician, business manager or technologist, I hope you’ll join me virtually for the 2021 ACR Quality and Safety Conference. Save your spot now.

We look forward to seeing you online in October!

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