June 28, 2018

RCCIR Certification

 The Radiology Coding Certification Board (RCCB) introduced its first Radiology Certified Coder in Interventional Radiology (RCCIR) certification exam in May 2018. The new RCCIR certification was established to recognize and distinguish interventional radiology coders who demonstrate a level of excellence and knowledge base relevant to performing interventional radiology coding.

Eligibility is based on meeting minimum requirements of two years of full-time interventional radiology coding experience within the past four years, where interventional radiology coding is an integral part of daily duties or equivalent experience, such as teaching in the field (experience will be determined by the RCCB).

The RCCIR certification exam covers CPT coding (50%), anatomy/terminology (25%), ICD-10 coding (15%), compliance and ethics (10%). Interventional radiology coders who pass this exam demonstrate that they have the basic understanding of coding rules needed to appropriately code and submit claims for interventional radiology practices.

The next exam is available November 12-16, 2018. The application deadline is October 12, 2018.

For more information on the Radiology Coding Certification Board and RCCIR examination, visit the RCCB Website.