September 29, 2017

Military Experience Accepted for RT Credentialing

The State of Washington Department of Health will enact final rules Oct. 7 that recognize the education and experience of radiologic technologists (RTs) during their military service as acceptable prerequisites for professional credentialing.

In 2011, the state of Washington legislature allowed military training or experience to satisfy credentialing requirements for health care professions unless a health profession regulatory entity determined that it is not substantially equivalent to meet the state’s licensure standards. For the radiologic technology professions, the department has now amended rules to address final equivalency determinations for radiologic technologists, radiologist assistants and cardiovascular invasive specialists.

The rules identify education, training and experience that automatically qualify members of the military for credentialing in the state. In addition, they identify when a current or former member of the military does not meet those requirements and lays out the additional coursework needed to address deficiencies.

The rules also cover recommended equivalency decisions for cardiovascular invasive specialists, radiologist assistants and radiologic technologists involved diagnostic-radiography, image-guided therapy and nuclear medicine. X-ray technician limited scope is a registered credential under State of Washington law, which means there are no education or experience requirements to obtain the credential, so no equivalency decision is needed for this profession.