September 22, 2017

ACR Presents Proposals to CPT Editorial Panel

The American College of Radiology (ACR) and a coalition of radiology specialty societies recently requested new CPT codes for emerging diagnostic and interventional radiology applications at the recent American Medical Association Current Procedure Terminology (CPT®) Editorial Panel 2017 meeting in Chicago.

Mark Alson, MD, the ACR’s CPT Advisor to the CPT Editorial Panel, and College staff attended the meeting. It was the last of three such sessions to update codes for the 2019 CPT code cycle. Proposals were presented for MR elastography, ultrasound elastography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound.

The ACR also co-sponsored two code proposals. One was a mandated code set to bundle PICC line placement with imaging guidance. The other, dilation of urinary tract, would require the bundling of procedure code 50395, Introduction of guide into renal pelvis and/or ureter with dilation to establish nephrostomy tract, percutaneous, with the radiological supervision and interpretation code 74485, Dilation of nephrostomy, ureters, or urethra, radiological supervision and interpretation.

Various specialty societies and vendors also presented CPT code proposals relevant to radiology. They included a bone density ultrasound study, cardiac-phase space tomography analysis, gastrostomy tube replacement, endovenous femoral-popliteal arterial revascularization and code set maintenance.

See the September/October 2017 ACR Radiology Coding Source for a list of all approved 2018 CPT codes. It will be posted later this month.