In the October 27, 2017 Issue

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ACR Data Science Institute Meets With FDA on AI Regulatory Issues

ACR Data Science InstituteTM (DSI) efforts to advance development of safe and effective artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging and radiological sciences are picking up speed.
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Possible NIH Cuts Spell Bad News for Research

Administrators from four top American medical research programs said at an Oct. 24 hearing that reduced federal funding for the indirect costs and cost-sharing from the NIH would reduce the size and scope of academic medical research conducted at their institutions.
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House VA Committee Explores Telemedicine Legislation

Potential legislative changes to existing requirements surrounding medical licensure and the delivery of telemedicine by physicians within the Department of Veterans Affairs was a focal point of a hearing in the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.
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States Consider Changes to X-Ray System Regulation

Several state legislatures are considering actions to enhance their state’s regulatory oversight of computed tomography and X-ray system safety and to modify rules governing the mediation of health care consumer complaints.
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Update on NOPR Closure

National Oncologic PET Registry-participating sites should not schedule NaF-PET studies to be performed for Medicare patients after Dec. 14, 2017, until a new NCD is issued CMS.
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