October 15, 2019

Dr. David Qian Wins AI Resident Mammography Challenge

The American College of Radiology® (ACR) announced the winner and top honorees October 5 for the AI Resident Mammography Challenge hosted by ACR AI-LAB™.

First year resident David Qian, MD, PhD, of Emory University won top honors for achieving the highest Kappa score and will receive funds covering the cost of attendance at RSNA 2019.

Qian trained in the MD-PhD program at Dartmouth and had no previous artificial intelligence AI experience. He found “this mammography challenge [to be] a nice introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence, especially as related to radiographic data.”

Honorable mentions also went out to the following challenge participants:

  • Matthew Morgan, MD, second year resident at Creighton University
  • Spencer Barrett, MD, third year resident at the University of Virginia
  • Nathan Kwok, MD, second year resident at University of Utah
  • Justin Kerby, MD, first year resident at University of Kansas-Wichita
  • Edward Gillis, DO, third year resident at University of Connecticut

The challenge was designed to educate residents about the essential skills involved in AI and draw in competitors with no previous AI experience. Residents in the challenge trained a model using data they annotated themselves and tuned the model by adjusting hyper-parameters through ACR AI-LAB.

The ACR plans to host more competitions in the future. Look for information on upcoming competitions at ACR AI-LAB.