October 11, 2018

Fifth Annual RADTOBERFEST Campaign Begins

RADPAC’s Fifth Annual RADTOBERFEST fundraiser is under way. The competition from October 1 to November 6 (Election Day) focuses on a battle between the Resident Fellow Section (RFS) and the Young Physician Section (YPS), with attendings competing against one another state-by-state. Everyone will be encouraging contributions to RADPAC®, radiology’s political action committee.

The stakes are high for radiology’s political future and the personal pride of the competitors. The training program with the most resident and fellow contributors AND the group or institution with the most YPS contributors will each win a free pizza party, courtesy of RADPAC. The winners’ photos will be posted on the RADPAC website, and they will be awarded monumental bragging rights to hold for at least the next year.

Any American College of Radiology Association (ACRA) member who contributes during the campaign will be invited to RADPAC’s open-bar reception at Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA’s) meeting from 10 p.m. to midnight on November 26 at Brando’s Speakeasy Karaoke bar in Chicago.

See the RADPAC website for details about RADTOBERFEST contest rules, prizes and the reception.